The Third Trimester – A Detailed Guide to Week 29 and Week 30

What happens during the third trimester? This is a question every excited mother asks. This inquisitive trait is a result of the many physical changes which she experiences along with your child’s journey to becoming a full term baby.

Week 29 is the beginning of the third trimester. Being 29 weeks pregnant means proper weight gain for the mother in preparation for the baby’s maturity and development at a very rapid rate. New neurons are now being formed along with the maturing of the brain, the lungs and the muscles. This means that all these activities should be supplemented with proper nourishment. You need not worry about your rapid weight gain as it is considered necessary and normal. This time, your baby is supposed to have an organized pattern of activity ad sleep. You should be conscious of any changes so you can call the attention of your physician in case some deviations occur. The rapid maturity also requires the mother to take in plenty of water and meals a day to keep up with the baby’s needs.

As you become 29 weeks pregnant, pregnancy hassles are still dominating including heartburn problems. This is because your baby’s rapid growth merely leaves room for the stomach to expand. The increase progesterone levels in the body also cause the digestive system not to function well. As this happens, not only the mother is faced with heartburns but also the hassles of constipation and hemorrhoids. Again and again, fruits, vegetables and water can keep you away from these digestion hassles.

Pregnancy week 30 the pregnant woman begins to feel pressed body parts against the stomach. Sleep deprivation problems are again experienced like what was undergone during the first trimester. However, sleep problems this time is greatly due to increase in size. A pregnancy pillow can be of great help. Also, changes in lying positions like sleeping partly upright in a recliner can relieve you of these problems. Pregnancy week 30 can be a tiring week for you because of these sleep problems and what was mentioned as the increased progesterone level.

The beginning of the third trimester is the best time for you to decide whether you will breast feed or bottle feed your baby. Breast feeding has long been proven to be very beneficial for you and your baby in terms of health, emotion and financial benefits. The greatest factor to consider when deciding for the mode of feeding your baby is the health aspect because your priority should be the needs of your baby. Nothing can equal a good health and good mother-baby relationship which can only be achieved through breastfeeding. Talk to your partner about this dilemma because your feeding mode is essential to your baby’s health outside the womb. Bottle feed you baby if your presence at work is badly needed right after birth or if other problems like poor milk producing breasts or baby sucking hassles arise. You can however decide to breast feed your baby at first and then switch to bottle feeding if pressing predicaments continue.

The third trimester is a roller-coaster ride of feelings for the soon-to-be mother. The sense of excitement as you approach your due date is somehow tempered by the many feelings of discomfort due to changes to your body that bring about several dangers to your health and your baby’s growth.

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